Best Weight Darts for Beginners

Best Weight Darts for Beginners

When you are just starting out playing darts, it is important to choose the right weight dart. If the dart is too heavy, it will be difficult to control. If the dart is too light, it will be easy to lose your grip and release too early. So, what are the best weight darts for beginners?

In this post, we will recommend the best weight darts for beginners. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Best Overall – CC-Exquisite

Best Budget – WIN.MAX

Best Darts for Electronic Dart Board – CUESOUL Jazz

Best Weight Darts for Beginners Reviews

CC-Exquisite Darts Review

CC-Exquisite Darts

Weekends are for family, friends, and fun. But what’s the point of playing darts if your equipment isn’t up to par? Get the CC-Exquisite Darts Set and start playing like a pro!

The CC-Exquisite Darts Set is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. The superior set consists of 6 steel tip darts that are made of high-quality unbreakable brass barrels and come with 12 O-rings to prevent loosening. 

The 12 extra-durable aluminum shafts are available in two lengths (35mm and 48mm), and the 12 flights come in two different shapes and designs (standard and slim). The weight of the darts is evenly distributed, which makes them balanced and easy to throw.

This set also comes with a darts multi-use tool, darts sharpener, and slim case. The darts sharpener is a great way to keep your darts in top condition, and the slim case is perfect for storing and transporting your darts.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the CC-Exquisite Darts Set and start playing like a pro!


  • High-quality unbreakable brass barrels
  • O-rings prevent loosening
  • Aluminum shafts in two lengths 
  • Flights in two different shapes and designs
  • Evenly distributed weight
  • Includes darts multi-use tool, darts sharpener, and slim case


  • Some may find the darts too heavy

Viper Bobcat Darts Review

Viper Bobcat Darts

Time to have some fun and add a little excitement to your game with the Viper Bobcat Darts. 

These darts feature the Add-a-gram adjustable weight system that allows you to easily add or remove weight from the dart to get it just right for your throwing style. 

The aluminum shafts are durable and have a sleek look, while the 2BA tips with Add-a-grams or 1/4 inch without provide a secure grip for more consistent throws. 

The 2-D glitter flights add a touch of style, while the three darts provide plenty of options for practice or play. 

The set also includes extra flights, nylon shafts, add-a-grams, tips, flight protectors, and a dart wrench for easy assembly. 

With everything you need to get started, these darts are the perfect way to take your game to the next level.


  • Add-a-gram adjustable weight system 
  • Durable aluminum shafts
  • Secure grip with 2BA tips


  • Some may not like the glitter flights

CUESOUL Darts Review


Planning to play darts but not sure which ones to choose? Check out the CUESOUL Darts. These darts come in a set of 3 and have several features that make them ideal for beginners. 

The darts are center-weighted, which makes them easier to control, and the 11 hand-painted rings help with grip. The darts also have 4 small knurled barrel grips in front and 6 anodized aluminum shafts. 

The barrels are made of 95% tungsten and weigh 22 grams each, so they are well balanced and durable. 

The flights on these darts are also slim, which helps them fly faster and stay low to the ground. The CUESOUL Darts also come with a nice carrying case so you can keep them organized and protected.

With the CUESOUL Darts, you can have hours of fun while honing your skills. They are also a great gift for the dart lover in your life. So, if you are looking for a quality set of darts to get started with, the CUESOUL Darts are a great option.


  • Center-weighted for easier control
  • Hand-painted rings provide a good grip
  • Barrels made of 95% tungsten for durability
  • Slim flights for faster flying 
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Rings may not provide enough grip for some

WIN.MAX Darts Review


Bored with the same old games? Looking for something to liven up your next party or get-together? Then check out WIN.MAX Darts! These darts are great for beginners and experts alike. 

The precise and practical barrels are made of comfortable, firm-gripping material with deep-cut grooves. They weigh 16 grams each, so you can get a good feel when throwing them. 

The tough flights are 0.3mm thick, and the unbreakable aluminum shafts are of a lightweight, slim shape that provides exceptional balance. 

The O-rings keep the darts from loosening, and the standard 2BA thread is compatible with most dartboards. The flight protector protects the flights from being damaged and keeps the shape and balance of the dart while flying. 

The durable plastic tips are made of superior material that reduces bounce-outs. These strong, soft tips can be used on any electronic dartboard and have a good grip with the matt surface. 

So if you’re looking for a new game to play or just want to sharpen your skills, pick up a set of WIN.MAX Darts today.


  • Precise and practical barrels
  • Deep-cut grooves for better grip
  • Tough flights
  • Unbreakable aluminum shafts
  • Light-weight and slim for better balance
  • O-rings to keep darts from loosening
  • Flight protector 
  • Durable plastic tips 


  • The quality of the darts could be better

Centaur Darts Review

Centaur Darts

Tired of all the crappy darts you’ve been using? Well, your search is over! Centaur Darts offers some of the best quality steel tip darts for beginners, making your game much more enjoyable.

What separates Centaur Darts from the competition is the use of superior quality materials. The barrels are made of nickel-plated steel for exceptional balance and styling. 

The shafts are made of unbreakable 2BA aluminum, meaning they will last much longer than other dart sets. And to top it off, the nylon O-rings on the shafts prevent them from loosening when you throw your darts.

Another great feature of Centaur Darts is the stylish dart flights. These poly dart flights increase speed and reduce drag, giving you a laser-like effect that is shining and attractive in every way. 

The steel dart weighs 22g, which is heavier than most darts on the market. This makes for a more stable flight and a more elegant and stylish set.

The innovative case is also ideal for gifting, making Centaur Darts the perfect present for the dart lover in your life.

If you’re seeking the greatest quality steel tip darts for beginners, Centaur Darts could be the right choice for you.


  • Superior quality materials
  • Exceptional balance
  • Durable
  • Elegant and stylish
  • Dart flights increase speed and reduce drag
  • O-rings prevent loosening 
  • Innovative case


  • The set may be hard to assemble for some

CUESOUL Jazz Darts Review

CUESOUL Jazz Darts

Get ready to enjoy a whole new level of darts game with CUESOUL brass barrel Jazz Darts. This product is innovatively designed to give you the best gaming experience. It is made of high-quality materials that make it last for more than 3 months. 

This set comes with 6 pieces of brass barrels that have been designed with precision. The flights are also made of superior quality, and they are integrated to make sure they don’t come off easily. You will also get 36 pieces of plastic tips that are replaceable. 

The design of the darts is unique, and it will give you a good grip. The weight is also perfect for beginners. This product comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to store and transport. 

You will also get a guideline that will help you understand the game better. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves playing darts. Order now and get ready to enjoy the game like never before.


  • Precision brass barrels
  • Integrated flights
  • 36 plastic tips included
  • Good grip
  • Perfect weight for beginners
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Guideline included


  • The darts may not be suitable for advanced players


So there you have it, the best weight darts for beginners. If you’re just starting out, any of these options would be a great choice for you. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Just remember to practice and have fun. You can check our article on the best soft tip darts for beginners.

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