best pickleball balls indoor and outdoor

Best Pickleball Balls (Indoor and Outdoor)

Like a lot of other games, pickleball also requires certain tools and accessories to play. It is a fun game, but it can be really frustrating when you cannot score or win because of your equipment. 

So, what would be the best pickleball balls in terms of performance and durability? The answer may surprise you. First, let us know the types of pickleball balls and their purposes:

Outdoor Pickleballs: The outdoor pickleball balls are made of a high-grade material that can withstand wind, cold, and sun. These balls have a different bounce pattern, and the color is usually orange.

Indoor Pickleballs: The indoor pickleball balls are made from a high-grade plastic material that is engineered to have a good bounce indoors. These balls are either yellow or green in color.

Here’s our top pick for the best pickleball balls.


Best Overall – Onix Pure Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Best Budget – Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs Balls

Best Branded – Onix Indoor Pickleball Balls

Best Pickleball Balls (Indoor and Outdoor) Reviews

Onix Pure Outdoor Pickleball Balls Review 

Onix Pure Outdoor Pickleball Balls

With Onix Pure Outdoor Pickleball Balls, you’ll have the advantage of True Flight Technology and Authentic Bounce Technology for consistent shots in any setting. 

The heavyweight and exceptional seam welding also resist splitting, so you can keep playing without interruption.

Precision-drilled holes provide optimal balance and bounce, while the smaller size resists wind interference – making them perfect for sanctioned tournaments or casual games on outdoor courts.

For ideal balance, these balls are perfectly spherical with strategically aligned.

Furthermore, the two-piece symmetrical construction is durable and elastic, allowing the ball to retain its shape shot after shot. 

So, whether you’re in a pickleball tournament or just playing for fun, make sure you’re using Onix Pure Outdoor Pickleball Balls!


  • Optimal balance and bounce
  • Durable
  • Great price
  • Good quality


  • The sturdiness of the balls varies

PickleballCentral Outdoor Pickleball Balls Review

 PickleballCentral Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Looking for a high-quality outdoor pickleball ball? Look no further than the PickleballCentral Outdoor Pickleball Balls! 

Made from a durable poly material, these balls are built to last and fly true with a predictable even bounce. The 40-hole pattern ensures great performance during outdoor play. 

These balls are rotationally molded with one-piece construction, eliminating weak points and creating even weighting around the ball. Plus, the neon color makes them easy to see on any court surface. 

They’re also approved by the USA Pickleball Association for tournament play, so you can be assured of their quality and performance.


  • Great performance
  • Neon color
  • USAPA approved


  • These balls are very easy to break

Onix Indoor Pickleball Balls Review

Onix Indoor Pickleball Balls

Looking for a great pickleball ball that’s ready to play right out of the box? Look no further than ONIX Fuse Pickleball Balls. 

These balls are seam welded for greater durability and consistency, so you can focus on your game. 

Featuring precision-drilled holes for superior balance and the truest flight and bounce possible, these balls are perfect for serious players who want to up their game. 

Plus, their vibrant color will stand out on the court. 


  • Consistent performance
  • Superior balance
  • Vibrant color


  • It may not be durable

Gamma Sports Indoor Pickleball Balls Review

For the perfect indoor pickleball experience, grab a set of Gamma Sports Indoor Pickleball Balls. 

Precision construction with 26 precision-molded holes allows for the right pace and bounce on all indoor surfaces – perfect for beginners and experts alike. 

With their high visibility and ultra-balanced construction, these balls provide consistent play right out of the box.

Plus, with a rigorous build that outlasts the competition, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of spirited playtime with ease.


  • High visibility
  • Precision construction
  • Ultra-balanced
  • Perfect bounce
  • USAPA approved 


  • The balls may begin to break after a few games

Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs Balls Review

Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs Balls

Ready to take your game to the next level? Franklin Sports has you covered with their Outdoor Pickleballs Balls. 

These Official Size and Weight balls are perfect for experienced players who demand the best. 

With 40 precisely machine-drilled holes, they boast a balanced flight pattern that ensures consistent performance every time. 

The one-piece design combined with rotational molding creates a stronger ball that will last through even the most strenuous games.

These balls have been approved by the USAPA for tournament play and are the official ball of the US Open Pickleball Championships. 


  • Official size and weight
  • Consistent performance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • USAPA approved


  • The balls are a bit heavy

Jugs Indoor Pickleball Balls Review

Jugs Indoor Pickleball Balls

Get your game on with the Jugs Indoor Pickleball Balls! These indoor pickleball balls are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a ball that is durable and long-lasting. 

With their soft construction, these balls are perfect for indoor play and will provide hours of fun.

Plus, the bright colors make them easy to see against any background.


  • Soft design
  • Durable
  • High visibility


  • Not approved by USAPA

Dura Outdoor Pickleball Balls Review

 Dura Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Looking for an outdoor pickleball ball that will hold up to the toughest conditions? Look no further than Dura Outdoor Pickleball Balls. 

Approved for sanctioned tournament play by the USAPA and IFP, these balls are sure to give you a competitive edge. 

These balls are built for top performance, flying true, fast, and straight. They feature 40 precisely drilled holes for consistent flight and bounce, making them perfect for outdoor and hard-court play. 

These balls are designed and built specifically for pickleball, and they feature a durable and long-lasting construction that will hold up against weather and play style. Plus, they are compatible with all surfaces, so you can play anywhere you want.


  • Great performance
  • Consistent flight and bounce
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • USAPA and IFP approved


  • The quality of the balls is not so great

Day 1 Sports Pickleball Balls Review

Day 1 Sports Pickleball Balls

When you’re looking for a ball that will give you consistency and reliability, reach for a Day 1 Sports pickleball ball. 

These balls are designed with 40 strategically-placed holes to ensure a long-lasting, premium experience. 

At 2.9 inches in diameter, these balls are a perfect size and weight for an enjoyable game of pickleball.

These balls are made with a flat light design that makes them easy to see in any condition, and they’re crafted with extra-durable resin that ensures long-lasting use.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Flat light design
  • Perfect size and weight
  • Made as per USAPA Specifications


  • Not recommended for professionals


Pickleball (the rules) is a great sport that has been getting more and more attention, making it perfect for beginners and veterans alike. You can also check our article on the best pickleball paddle for spin.

Finding the right equipment for your game is key, and thankfully it’s easy to choose balls that will make your games more enjoyable. 

For a fun and exciting indoor pickleball game, the Gamma Sports Indoor Pickleball Balls are an excellent choice. 

These balls have been designed specifically for indoor play and boast an ultra-balanced construction that prevents them from bouncing too much. 

Plus, the bright colors make them easy to see against any background, and they are ready to use right out of the box. 

The Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleball Balls are perfect for experienced players who demand high performance. 

This Official size and weight balls are balanced for consistent flight, making them the perfect choice for outdoor play. 

Plus, their durable construction will hold up against play, making them great for multiple uses. 

With the right balls, you can be sure that your play is exciting and fun. Don’t settle for anything less than the best with your pickleball games.

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