Darts Game – Frequently Asked Questions

Darts Game – Frequently Asked Questions

Darts is a game in which small missiles are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall. The game is traditionally played in pubs and is also a popular pastime at home.

It is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a great way to pass the time, and it can be played alone or with friends. If you are new to darts, you may have some questions about the game. This article will answer some of the most common questions about darts. Let’s get started!


The best weight for soft tip darts

One important factor in darts is the weight of the dart. For soft tip darts, the best weight is usually between 14 and 16 grams. The heavier the dart, the more kinetic energy it will have, which can make it easier to stick on the board. 

However, too heavy of a dart can also make it more difficult to control. The 14-16 gram range provides a good balance between power and control. Soft tip darts are also often made with plastic or nylon tips, which makes them less likely to damage the board. 

They usually have shorter barrels than steel tip darts, which makes them lighter overall. They are recommended for use with electronic dartboards.

How far is the dart throw line?

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the game of darts is the dartboard. The dartboard is typically hung on a wall at a height of five feet, six inches, and the throw line is typically seven feet, nine inches from the face of the dartboard. 

The length of the throw line may vary depending on the size of the dartboard, but it is typically between seven and eight feet. The width of the dartboard is also important, as it determines how far apart the darts must be thrown. 

A standard dartboard is eighteen inches wide, but there are also boards that are twenty-four inches wide. The size of the board will determine how far apart the players must stand when throwing their darts. Also, the weight of the dart may affect how far it can be thrown. 

What does “double in double out darts” mean?

“Double in double out” is a common phrase used in the game of darts. It simply means that players must start by throwing a dart to score a double, and they can only win the game by scoring a double. 

This rule is often used in competitive play to help ensure that games are fair and evenly matched. While it may seem like a small detail, the double in/double out rule can actually have a big impact on the game. 

For example, it means that players must be very accurate from the start, as missing the initial double can put them at a serious disadvantage. It also puts more pressure on players to close out the game quickly, as leaving too many darts on the board can open up the possibility of an opponent stealing the win. 

In short, the double in/double out rule adds an extra layer of strategy and challenge to an already exciting game. It is one of the many reasons why darts is such a popular sport.

Darts rules cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular dart games played today. The game can be played with two players or teams of four players. The game is played on a standard darts board, with the bullseye in the center and the 20 numbered sections radiating out from there. 

To start the game, each player or team throws three darts at the board, with the goal of hitting as many numbers as possible. The player or team with the most points after three darts throws goes first.

The object of the game is to score points by hitting specific numbers on the board. In order to score points, a player must first ‘own’ that number by hitting it three times. 

Once a number is owned, the player can begin scoring points on that number by hitting it again. 

Points are scored as follows: a single hit on a number scores the same number of points as that number; a double hit scores twice that number of points; and a triple hit scores three times that number of points. The first player or team to reach the predetermined score (usually 501) wins the game.

The game of cricket can be played with a number of variations, but the basic rules remain the same.

When was darts invented?

The game of darts has a long and storied history, dating back to the medieval era. 

In America, the game gained popularity in the early twentieth century, when soldiers returning from World War I brought darts with them. 

The game quickly caught on in bars and taverns, and by the 1930s, there were professional dart leagues and tournaments being held across the country. 

While the game has undergone some changes over the years, the basic rules and objectives have remained largely unchanged. 

Today, darts are enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, from casual players to professional athletes. It is a popular pastime in bars and pubs and is also played competitively in tournaments and leagues.

How to hold darts?

As anyone who has ever played darts will know, the way you hold your darts can have a big impact on your game. It is important to find a grip that is comfortable for you and that allows you to throw the darts with accuracy and control. 

There are a few different grips that players use, but the most common is the ‘finger on top’ grip. To hold your darts using this grip, simply place your index finger on top of the dart, with your thumb and middle finger supporting the dart from underneath.

Some players prefer to grip the dart in their palm, with their fingers wrapped around the barrel of the dart. This grip can be helpful for players who have difficulty controlling their throws. 

Another grip that is sometimes used is the ‘chicken wing’, which is similar to the finger on top grip, but with the addition of the ring finger underneath the dart. 

One another grip that is commonly used, particularly by beginners, is the two-fingered grip. This grip is not as stable as the others but can be helpful for players who are still getting used to throwing darts.

Once you have found a grip that is comfortable for you, it is important to practice throwing darts so that you can become accustomed to the grip and learn how to control your throws.

Experimenting with different grips is a good way to find the grip that works best for you. There is no right or wrong way to hold your darts, as long as you are comfortable and able to throw them accurately.

What weight darts do the pros use?

If you’re new to the game of darts, you might be wondering what weight darts the pros use. The answer can vary depending on the player’s style and preferences, but most professional dart players use darts that weigh between 18 and 26 grams.

The vast majority of players use steel-tipped darts, as opposed to soft-tipped darts, which are more commonly used in electronic dartboards. Steel-tipped darts are generally heavier than soft-tipped darts, so if you’re just starting out, you might want to opt for a lighter weight dart. 

As you become more experienced, you can experiment with different weights and find the ones that work best for you. You might also want to experiment with different types of darts, such as those with different sized barrels or different shaped flights.

Regulation measurements for darts

Regardless of how you choose to play, there are some basic regulations that should be followed in order to ensure a fair game.

When it comes to dartboards, the standard size is 18 inches in diameter. The board should also be hung so that the center of the board is 5 feet 8 inches above the floor. The throwing line, which is also known as the toe line, should be 7 feet 9-1/4 inches from the face of the dartboard. 

Darts themselves can vary in size and weight, but they must have pointed tips and cannot exceed 3 ounces in weight. They must also be less than 18 inches in length. This is to ensure that the darts can be thrown safely and accurately.

What is a bust in darts?

A bust in darts is when a player scores more points than the number of points remaining in their game. 

This can happen in several ways, but the most common is when a player goes over the desired score with their last throw. For example, if a player is aiming for 20 points and they score 21 points, they have busted. 

A bust can also occur when a player throws all of their darts into the triple ring, as this automatically puts them over the desired score. Busts can be frustrating for players, as they often result in an instant loss. 

However, some games allow for players to continue until they complete their next turn, giving them another chance to win. Ultimately, a bust is simply an error that can occur during a game of darts, and it is up to the players to decide how to deal with it.

What is a bullseye in darts?

A bullseye in darts is the innermost ring of the dartboard, and it is worth 50 points. The bullseye is surrounded by a ring worth 25 points, and the outermost ring is worth 10 points. 

The bullseye is often considered the most difficult target to hit, as it is the smallest target on the board. Players must be very accurate to hit the bullseye. To make the game more challenging, some dartboards have two bullseyes worth 100 and 50 points, respectively. 

Hitting the outer bullseye is sometimes called a “bull’s-eye,” while hitting the inner bullseye is called a “double bull’s-eye” or simply a “double”. Hitting the double bull’s-eye is the highest score possible in darts, and it is very difficult to do. 

Darts bullseye score

In American Darts, the bullseye score is 50 points. In British Darts, the outer bullseye score is 25 points, and the inner bullseye score is 50 points. 

In Cricket, the bullseye score is 25 points. The majority of dart games use a board with circles divided into 20 sections. The highest value section is typically worth 20 or 25 points, and the outermost ring (the bulls-eye) is usually worth either 50 or 60 points. 

Some games may have different rules for scoring, so it’s always best to check the specific rules of the game you are playing before starting. 

What is the official dart website?

The official website of the National Dart Association is https://ndadarts.com. This website provides information on dart leagues, tournaments, and events. The website also has a store where you can purchase dart supplies and equipment. 

The National Dart Association is the governing body for the sport of darts in the United States. They work to promote the sport and grow the dart community. If you are interested in learning more about darts or joining a dart league, this is a great resource. 

The American Darts Organization is another major dart organization. Their website is https://www.adodarts.com. This site also provides information on dart events and leagues in America. Their website also has a directory of dart suppliers, which can be useful for finding dart boards and other equipment. 

Ultimately, there are many resources available for darts in America, and the best way to find information is to search online. There are many websites devoted to the sport, and most offer a wealth of information on dart leagues, tournaments, and other events. 


We hope this article has helped answer some of the frequently asked questions about the darts game. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help. You can check our article on the best dart drinking games (alcohol).

Darts is a great game for everyone, and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do. Thanks for reading!

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